Minerva started sewing when she was just 15 years old.  In her early years, she made dresses for herself and for her friends. She soon began working on wedding dresses, and fashioned exquisite gowns from scratch for her sister’s wedding, for the weddings of best friends, and for her own wedding, gown number seven.

It’s not surprising that her love of design and fashion, led her to college studies in architecture, textiles, and color in Monterrey, Mexico where she earned her degree in architecture.

Her love of dressmaking inspired Minerva to find work in 1993 at a bridal boutique in McAllen, TX where she perfected her trade over a period of four years. After moving to Houston, Minerva naturally found work at David’s Bridal in 1998, and quickly moved into the Alterations Manager position, where her responsibilities included not only managing the work line, but managing and training the seamstresses to perform at their best and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and perfect alterations. After seven years, Minerva was recruited to work at the high-end Priscilla of Boston store in prestigious Uptown Park near the Galleria in Houston. There, she was very soon recognized as a top performer in customer care and perfect fit.

At the end of 2011, with the closing down of Priscilla of Boston, the opportunity to start her own business emerged. Minerva grabbed it with both hands and has been making significant strides, ever since. Not many rise to the top of their profession, but Minerva is one of those who has. We welcome you to be part of the family at MW Couture.